The Ship That Never Sank

On this episode of Conspiracy Theories & Chill we explore the theory of whether or not it is actually the Titanic that sits at the bottom of the ocean or actually her sister ship the Olympic.

The Morning Yank with Shawn & Paul 3/9/21

Join us for the #TSYS morning show ‘The Morning Yank’ News, current events, & much more all from an open minded, & well bearded perspective

Green Party Rant

Short rant by Shawn from TSYS about The Green Party

The Fear That Made Everyone Stupid

Crazy Tales That Could Never Be True presents: FEAR a story of a fear that is so strong people instantly drop 50 IQ points.

Living Wage Rant

Potato Head Rant

Hindsight News 2/22/21

TSYS Week In Review 2/20/21

A look back on highlights of the past week on The Shawn Yankey Show.

It Doesn’t Matter

A truth motivation speech by Shawn Yankey

The Shawn Yankey Show Ep 196

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