Twitter launches ‘Birdwatch’ to combat ‘misleading information’

‘Birdwatch’ will allow users to add notes to tweets they believe to be false On Monday Twitter unveiled a new way for people to report & suppress information deemed too dangerous for public consumption. ‘Birdwatch’ is a pilot program for selected users where they can ‘add context’ to information they deem to be ‘false orContinue reading “Twitter launches ‘Birdwatch’ to combat ‘misleading information’”

Twitter Permanently Suspends Over 70,000 QAnon Accounts

Social media giant Twitter has suspended over 70,000 accounts since Friday, primarily those that share QAnon content, after updating its enforcement policies following the violence that erupted in Washington, DC on January 6.  The company has publicly argued that removing the accounts – including those belonging to President Donald Trump, former national security adviser MichaelContinue reading “Twitter Permanently Suspends Over 70,000 QAnon Accounts”

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