Hindsight News 2/22/21

TSYS Week In Review 2/20/21

A look back on highlights of the past week on The Shawn Yankey Show.

It Doesn’t Matter

A truth motivation speech by Shawn Yankey

The Truth Behind The Worlds Fair

What if The world fairs were used as an excuse to demolish ancient architectural heritage left over from a hidden advanced society? These worlds fairs are famous for unexplained, out of time architecture… These massive structures are all said to have been built rapidly for the purpose of these worlds fairs and then demolished afterwards…Continue reading “The Truth Behind The Worlds Fair”

How To Survive The New Normal

Let’s face it, things are pretty bad. We are in the midst of a very serious crisis right now globally as I think we are all well aware. Even the most skeptical among us would have a hard time denying it at this point. I myself even misjudged the seriousness of this particular crisis butContinue reading “How To Survive The New Normal”

Top 10 Joe Biden Gaffes

Joe Biden is the king of gaffes Current president Joe Biden has increasing difficulty forming his thoughts into sentences. This advancing difficulty expressing himself isn’t a new thing for Joe though. Our 46th president actually has an entire career of putting his foot in his own mouth. The following list is made up of realContinue reading “Top 10 Joe Biden Gaffes”

Through Faith We Shall Overcome

Evil will not prevail I know it may seem like it is already, but it’s hold is actually weakening. The oppressive system that lords over humanity is losing it’s hold. These violent outbursts are it’s final death throws. It will cause much suffering as it passes away. But, in the end, we the people unitedContinue reading “Through Faith We Shall Overcome”

Twitter launches ‘Birdwatch’ to combat ‘misleading information’

‘Birdwatch’ will allow users to add notes to tweets they believe to be false On Monday Twitter unveiled a new way for people to report & suppress information deemed too dangerous for public consumption. ‘Birdwatch’ is a pilot program for selected users where they can ‘add context’ to information they deem to be ‘false orContinue reading “Twitter launches ‘Birdwatch’ to combat ‘misleading information’”

Are You A Domestic Terrorist?

Most Americans would read that headline and immediately answer no. But that may be rapidly changing. Joe Biden’s administration is looking to use their power to redefine what a domestic terrorist is and you just may fit their new description. A lot of signals and red flags are occurring inside just the first week ofContinue reading “Are You A Domestic Terrorist?”

The Best Of Bernie & His Mittens


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