How To Survive The New Normal

Let’s face it, things are pretty bad.

We are in the midst of a very serious crisis right now globally as I think we are all well aware. Even the most skeptical among us would have a hard time denying it at this point. I myself even misjudged the seriousness of this particular crisis but have now seen the light. We are in trouble.

Things have gotten quite serious in fact and there is much cause for alarm. More and more people are thankfully realizing just how serious this threat is every day. We are all in danger, this threat is very real, and it is time we discussed how to survive it together. We must come together and unite to defeat this once and for all.

People are scared, and understandably so. They have been stirred up real good by the media. They have been convinced they are in serious danger, and what they are now demanding is safe spaces for all.

This has led lawmakers to scurry to accommodate this manufactured panic with a ready made ‘new normal’ agenda that they are rolling out at a rapid pace. From new laws, to lock-downs and social restrictions the hits just keep coming. And the people are not only loving it, they are begging for more.

This has made life very challenging for everyone who does their own thinking to say the least. As a matter of fact it is quickly becoming hate speech to counter the narrative in any way. Times are getting tough for free thinkers. The thought police are out in full force and are empowered in their quest to silence dissent.

What should we do?

So how do we, those with the ability to think, survive in this ‘new normal’? How do we fight back against the tyranny through deceit that society is subject to at this moment in history? How do we blend in with the sheep and avoid the FEMA camps and watch lists? How can we even hope to attain a decent social credit score?

I know, it’s frightening. These are very trying times for those who think and pay attention. We see where this is heading and the writing on the wall is very clear. We’re at their endgame and to answer the previous questions listed above, we can’t. The damage is already done.

The brainless masses are in a frenzy at this point and the radical left has gained control of information itself. They are silencing us faster than we can communicate. They are erasing the truth in real time. They are eliminating the possibility of any opposition to their agenda even taking root. It’s too late to stop this, it’s time for damage control.

We Will Be Fine.

This is happening, there’s no stopping it at this point, so strap in and enjoy the ride. We will be fine. I know it doesn’t seem that way but this madness is leading to a great reset just not the one that the overlords have in mind. They know it as well and that is why they are trying so hard to silence and separate us. We will be what derails their plans.

This agenda of theirs will move forward, there’s no stopping that. We’re heading towards bad times. But what materializes in the aftermath of that we are in complete control of. It’s time for us to lead.

We take charge. We identify those who can be reached and we inform and lead them to safety. This safety can only be found in their own minds and we must teach them how to access this as its been hidden from them. The rest of them, you leave them behind. I know that is a hard concept for some but it is a fact you’re gonna need to warm up to really soon.

Those who cannot think for themselves and see the light are willfully ignorant and will fight to keep this oppressive system afloat because its what they are comfortable with. They will drag you down with them if you don’t recognize them and walk away. Don’t let your feelings interfere with your mission. This process is going to be painful to watch but have faith. It will work out in our favor in the end.

Justice will prevail.

In the meantime focus on you and what you can affect and protect yourself from the real threats that surround us all, idiots. Realize that nothing can be done to save these sad lost souls, they are already gone. Identify them and move on to a soul that you can actually reach.

Don’t waste your time on lost causes anymore. Remember, when you see the fluoride stare, get out of there. You don’t want to get sucked into that abyss. Save your strength for when reality finally slams into the ignorant and they realize they’ve been duped and are unprepared to survive. You’re going to need it.

Prepare. That’s really all that can be done at this point anyway. Get yourself and those you love ready. Things are going to get bad quickly but in the end we will be victorious. Have faith and stay strong in the face of what is coming. No matter how strong a hold evil may seem to have on this world believe that justice will prevail.

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