Through Faith We Shall Overcome

Evil will not prevail

I know it may seem like it is already, but it’s hold is actually weakening. The oppressive system that lords over humanity is losing it’s hold. These violent outbursts are it’s final death throws. It will cause much suffering as it passes away. But, in the end, we the people united will bring this beast system to it’s knees.

We will win. Although, the entire time we are winning this fight it will appear more and more as though we are actually losing it. That is because our enemy deals in deceit. This world is an intricate web of lies. Until we rise out of that reality completely as a society and bring the truth to light deception will prevail in the mass consciousness. Humanity must unite behind the understanding that we are one and are connected whether we like it or not.

Evil will lose this spiritual war that we are in because of those of us who are shining light into the darkness. Those we reach, in turn reach others, and this awakening has grown to the point that their hold over reality is slipping away. This is our time, the time that we unite together. The aware will lead the others to finally bring this evil system down once and for all.

We can change the world

Just because something has always been a certain way doesn’t mean it must always remain that way. Change is always possible. This situation we are in, being globally controlled by a luciferian cabal, while seemingly overwhelming is anything but. These monsters hold over humanity is illusionary and can be undone. They just have us convinced we are too weak.

It’s a lie. That is all they ever offer, lies. They use deceit and misdirection to keep us distracted and divided. That makes us weak and ineffective. This is a tool they have used for thousands of years. We must rise above it. We must learn to identify it being used against us and stop allowing ourselves to be so easily led astray.

And we must show people that together we are strong. United as one anything is possible. Nothing can stop us if we would come together against our common enemies. That is where we must focus our energy. Not on waking more people. But rather on uniting the ones who already have eyes to see so that they can lead the others.

Faith can move mountains

We must believe that a better world is possible. We must have faith in God and our fellows warriors to prevail over this evil. Faith is immensely important in achieving anything. You must envision your goal and move towards it with determination and discipline. But if you don’t believe in your heart & soul that you can get there you will never reach your goal.

Things will get hard. Obstacles will get in your way. You will fail. But that faith is what will pick you back up in those trying times and help to guide you forward on your path. Without it when you fall you will stay down. You will believe that voice of doubt in your mind that convinces you that better is impossible. Without faith you will fold under the pressure this life throws at you.

Protect yourself in the full armor of God and have faith that good will win out in the end. Have faith in yourself as well and believe in the power of truth to bring light back into the world. We are the leaders in this war so take on your role and move forward assured by your faith. Belief is powerful. Even in the darkest of times use your faith and vision to guide you.

Dark times are coming

As I said though, things will get much worse before they begin to get better. We are heading into the climax of a silent spiritual war against all of humanity. In these final battles we will be subjected to all the force of every weapon at their disposal. Our faith will be all we have to see us through these times. Trust in God to guide you.

Those we call sheep will panic during what is to come. They will be feverishly looking for answers when the veil begins to fall. We will be there to inform those who will listen. We will most likely be disconnected during this time so it’s important that we understand that we act independently as a group.

Things will get bad for us. They will bombard us with attacks from every angle. They will do all that they can to break our spirit. We will not allow it. Our faith will prevail. Our work will endure through the darkness and the seeds we planted will bear fruit. We will walk protected through the darkness into the light.

Good will conquer evil

And when the light finally shines on humanity the evil will be revealed. In the light it will be clear that Satan has deceived the masses into believing they were weak so that he would seem strong. He will be exposed as he really is, weak and fearful of God’s wrath. We will unite and their luciferian cabals hold over us will break.

It will then finally be possible to rebuild society into one that benefits the needs of the many instead of the wants of a greedy few. We can mold this new world as we see fit. Justice, compassion, and balance can be brought to our society. We can create a better world.

I know that this is possible. I believe that we can come out of what is to come victorious. We shall overcome this evil. It will be because of us, Gods warriors on the Earth, that humanity will prevail over evil. Live in the truth and fight for this better world. We will prevail.

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