The Hammer & Sickle Has Turned Blue

The left has gone mad in the United States and seeks to use technology to suppress anyone who disagrees with their agenda and beliefs. They wish to turn the world into a fascist safe space for themselves at the expense of our freedoms. Democrats now feel empowered and have taken censorship to frightening levels by holding a monopoly on the very avenues of information. The left wing establishment power has a hold over big tech who as we know has bought up control of all information.

They couldn’t stifle free speech legally so they have found a back door to fascism. After all, they didn’t take your freedom away, they just eliminated every avenue you had for expressing them. They are silencing entire media platforms now for Christ sake, for example the takedown of Parler, kicking them completely off of the Amazon servers. Left leaning special interest groups are currently trying to deplatform Telegram as well. And thousands upon thousands have been purged from social media site like Twitter & Facebook and this continues daily.

Couple the corporate censorship with their increasingly socialist political agenda and it’s clear what all of this is heading towards. If you follow their rhetoric and the patterns of their actions to it’s logical conclusion they want to march society towards total tyranny. They want to eliminate dissent and create a dependent obedient society too dumbed down to disobey. They want your consent to erode more and more of your freedoms and will take it through control of the market that which they cant through law.

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