Q: The Plan To Dull Resistance

Qanon is a conspiracy theory that has been sweeping social media and growing in popularity ever since President Trump first took office. It claims to be ‘the plan to save the world’, and followers of it believe that forces within the military and intelligence community are using President Donald Trump in order to pull off an elaborate takedown of the deep state from the inside and finally bring down the true evil elite string pullers of this world.

This plan, if successful, is said to not only take back our country, but to also bring down the entire evil corrupt beast system that is ruling over us once and for all. It sounds terrific, but I believe that this theory has done more harm than good and has also left us in a defenseless position at a crucial time. I believe that this was the true point of Qanon all along. To weaken any resistance being given to the rollout of this agenda.

For those unaware of ‘Q’, and as a brief recap for the rest, on online message boards inside information is supposedly being shared out anonymously with the people by Q himself and other Anons that are connected to Q in order to help to guide, and prepare the people for what is to come.

The central idea of the theory is that a massive storm is coming and it will be arriving very soon. It is said that massive amounts of arrests will take place during this time. That the real rulers, the evil luciferian monsters, all of their corrupt politicians, as well as the other criminals involved and protected by them will finally be brought to justice.

But, in the meantime during the implementation of ‘the plan’ things may get very bad for us all, there could even be a complete loss of communication or full blown martial law during it but according to ‘Q’ we are to not worry about any of this and must ‘trust the plan’.

Don’t be alarmed, don’t defend yourselves in the face of what appears to be total tyranny because it is actually all being done in order to take down evil.

Now, don’t get me wrong here, I get the appeal of this particular conspiracy theory, I really do. It sounds amazing and it’s got it all as well. The elite untouchable crooks who control and own everything and oppress us all will finally be brought to justice, our republic will be restored, light will finally shined on the truth, and America will remain sovereign.

It’s beautiful, I wanna believe it too, I just can’t.

My Grandma used to say, ‘If it’s too good to be true it probably is’, and I have had that thought with ‘Q’ since its inception but I’ve stayed mostly quiet and observed closely. I gave people this space for two reasons, one Qanon followers for the most part tend to be genuinely good people who are very well intentioned, and ‘Q’ did get a lot of people to begin to research which was something I always found very positive about the whole thing.

I was however always weary of the intense Trump worship intertwined in this particular theory but I also let that slide quite a bit as well. If true he would deserve to be praised and I saw no real harm in it at first. But, now we are at the eleventh hour of ‘The Plan’, and I’m wondering at what point do we realize that we have been played? When do we realize there is no plan and do something about all of this ourselves?

Donald Trump did become President against the will of the establishment but not because of an intricate coup by the military and intelligence agencies, he became President because they simply overplayed their hand. They overestimated how popular Hillary Clinton was and heavily underestimated Trump. They also severely over-promoted him in their quest to build a satisfying enough villain to make Hillary attractive to the people. That’s all that happened, no super secret 40 year old master plan, just an under-rigged election and a bad bluff gone terribly wrong.

Since then Donald Trump has, in my opinion, done a pretty good job. Especially considering the circumstances he has had to deal with. But, that praise is only given in comparison to past presidents. And since we haven’t had a ‘real’ one of those since JFK, it’s kind of hard not to shine in that particular group. That being said, he honestly did a good job, great even when you factor in the opposition to literally anything that he tried to accomplish and an entire media pushing TDS round the clock in order to boost their ratings.

During all of this, and probably because of it all as well, Trump has become a martyr for disgruntled Americans whether he deserves that status or not. And the insane behavior of the establishment power system in our government has only reinforced the ‘Q’ theory that they are running scared, afraid of their awaiting cells at Gitmo. That certainly would explain why they are behaving in this way. That would also explain the bizarre behavior of the media throughout Trump’s presidency and tie it all together.

But in reality it’s not that the Qanon theory stands up so well on its own merits, its that the environment it is occurring in is so upside down that it makes it seem rational in comparison. Q itself is just vaguely worded ‘drops’ that contain seemingly random names and non sequitur phrases. Like horoscopes they can be interpreted in many ways. They often include nuggets of truth in them but so does any good lie.

But, as I said earlier the ‘Q’ movement is just a large group of passionate people researching the evil system of oppression in order to bring it down and save our country. That all seems very good on the surface so why is it a bad thing?

Well, it’s the faith element at its core. No matter how bad things get or may seem to be around you don’t worry, don’t be alarmed or give resistance, we are in control and when ‘The Storm’ that’s ‘coming’ clears out it will all be revealed and all will be understood because no matter what happens its all being done in your best interest as part of a well designed plan to save us all from evil.

But having that faith and trust leaves us defenseless to what we all see coming because a huge chunk of the types of people that would even understand the underlying threats of what is currently happening are laying back and trusting a plan that had better pay off soon or it’s window will have closed forever and we’ll be left with empty hands in a worse spot that we were 4 years ago.

We are under attack and ‘Q’ weakens us in that fight by getting us to drop our guard in our most vulnerable moment. I say at this point it’s clear that a plan to save us is not getting ready to suddenly revive itself as Trump prepares to leave office within the next 4 days. It’s also clear that we are heading in a very bad direction as a country and no hero is going to ride in on a white horse to save us, we have got to save ourselves.

That is why all of the great things of value in the ‘Q’ movement need to be kept but the hero worship and blind faith need to be let go of. Q, in my opinion, was an intricate, well designed psyop created to weaken and divide the people, and it worked beautifully. A lot of good came out of it but it is time to leave it behind now and regroup to defend ourselves against what is to come. We need to be realistic at this crucial time. We are in a war, we are the leaders, it’s time we act like it.

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