Reign In The Sheep

Let’s be honest, most people really are sheep. Think about the people you know and interact with in your daily life, how many would you say are aware? For me its a small percentage. Most people are blind as a bat to reality and live in a delusional state constantly being reinforced with propaganda and as a result operate in a hive mentality. They move as a herd.

They do this by choice. I’m sorry, but it’s a choice to remain ignorant in the age of information. You literally have a computer in your pocket, you’re a cyborg. When the flickering box tells you something, or you hear a thing, you have the ability to verify if its true instantly. They don’t do that, they hate to think. They have made a choice to remain ignorant and are comfortable in it. This must stop.

I tried to give these people the benefit of the doubt because I know what they’re up against. The indoctrination, the propaganda, the social influences, it’s overwhelming when you’re looking back on what you have actually pulled yourself out of. This elaborate matrix of lies our world has become.

And while I still understand how they got the way they are, staying that way is a choice I can no longer accept anymore. It’s caused enough suffering, enough pain. It must stop being acceptable to be willfully ignorant to what is really going on here at this point. We are at a crucial moment and it is time for us to realize that a big reason why these people make the choice to embrace the matrix is they don’t want to think for themselves. It is time for us to do it for them.

We can’t wait anymore. It can’t be acceptable to promote the beast system anymore. Look where it has gotten us, and where we are heading, and then follow this out to it’s logical conclusion. We have pulled out of the system and can see the world as it is so we must lead the sheep. We must reign them in, or they will drag us all down with them.

They effect us. Leave the dead to bury the dead but help those you can and lead them. Set examples in your communities and show people the reality of things. Correct the propaganda narrative when confronted with it when you normally would have politely stayed quiet. We can’t be polite anymore. It’s time to take control and make our stand.

Enough is enough, these blind, brainless fools will let a few greedy satanic bastards milk this entire planet completely dry. They are marching us into a dystopian nightmare reality and this course we are on as a society must be reversed and right now. That is only going to happen by reigning these sheep in and we do that by becoming the shepherds that we are meant to be.

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