Twitter Permanently Suspends Over 70,000 QAnon Accounts

Social media giant Twitter has suspended over 70,000 accounts since Friday, primarily those that share QAnon content, after updating its enforcement policies following the violence that erupted in Washington, DC on January 6. 

The company has publicly argued that removing the accounts – including those belonging to President Donald Trump, former national security adviser Michael Flynn and Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell – is a necessary step to combat “behavior that has the potential to lead to offline harm.”

“Given the violent events in Washington, DC, and increased risk of harm, we began permanently suspending thousands of accounts that were primarily dedicated to sharing QAnon content on Friday afternoon,” a Twitter spokesperson confirmed in a statement on Monday night.

QAnon supporters saw their accounts removed from the site following Twitter’s decision to update its enforcement policies and accuse these individuals of sharing “harmful” content and engaging in the “propagation of this conspiracy theory across the service.” 

But I say that this act and all the others like it are corporate censorship. This isn’t about protecting people from harmful information, it is about silencing dissent. Our information systems are monopolized and these corporations are now the watch dogs of all information and this whether done by corporations or the government is censorship and everyone, whether you agree with those being censored or not, should be outraged.

These are passionate Americans who are seeing injustice and speaking out against it. I’m not saying there are no dangerous elements, I’m saying there are those in any group and these people deserve their voices to be heard. With big tech companies controlling freedom of speech this is becoming more and more difficult and THAT is what should be alarming to people.

Twitters stock is plummeting at the moment as a result of this suppression and censorship and social media site Gab is finding itself overwhelmed as people flee these restrictive platforms in search of a censorship free one. I have been using it for a few days now and while their servers are overwhelmed with all the new traffic to the site, 70,000 new members daily, they are their own servers so something like you say with the removal of Parler from Amazons servers won’t happen with Gab and I enjoy it so far especially its views towards free speech and expression.

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