CIA Releases ‘All’ UFO Files

Thousands of CIA files about unidentified flying objects are now publicly available for download. The agency claims that the trove of documents contains ‘all’ of its information on the unexplained phenomenon. And I’m sure we have every reason to believe this dump of files is all that they have on it as well.

The documents were published on The Black Vault website, which is run by freedom of information activist John Greenewald Jr. 

The downloadable archive is the result of Greenewald submitting 10,000 freedom of information requests over the years and scanning thousands of pages by hand. More than 2.2 million pages have been uploaded to the website.

Some of the reports date back several decades and the CIA claims that the documents represent everything it has on file regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), which is what the US government calls UFOs. However, The Black Vault says there is no way to verify the CIA’s claim.

The cache of files has been made available as the clock ticks down on the US government releasing an official UFO report, thanks to a law contained in the Covid-19 omnibus bill. 

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