Breakdown of Trumps ‘Save America’ rally speech

“Our country has had enough. We will not take it anymore and that’s what this is all about. To use a favorite term that all of you people really came up with, we will stop the steal. Today I will lay out just some of the evidence proving that we won this election, and we won it by a landslide. This was not a close election. I say sometimes jokingly, but there’s no joke about it, I’ve been in two elections. I won them both and the second one, I won much bigger than the first. Almost 75 million people voted for our campaign, the most of any incumbent president by far in the history of our country, 12 million more people than four years ago. I was told by the real pollsters, we do have real pollsters. They know that we were going to do well, and we were going to win. What I was told, if I went from 63 million, which we had four years ago to 66 million, there was no chance of losing. Well, we didn’t go to 66. We went to 75 million and they say we lost. We didn’t lose.”

“By the way, does anybody believe that Joe had 80 million votes? Does anybody believe that? He had 80 million computer votes. It’s a disgrace. There’s never been anything like that. You could take third world countries. Just take a look, take third world countries. Their elections are more honest than what we’ve been going through in this country. It’s a disgrace. It’s a disgrace. Even when you look at last night, they’re all running around like chickens with their heads cut off with boxes. Nobody knows what the hell is going on. There’s never been anything like this. We will not let them silence your voices. We’re not going to let it happen. Not going to let it happen.”

“I hope so. I hope so because if Mike Pence does the right thing, we win the election. All he has to do. This is from the number one or certainly one of the top constitutional lawyers in our country. He has the absolute right to do it. We’re supposed to protect our country, support our country, support our constitution, and protect our constitution. States want to revote. The States got defrauded. They were given false information. They voted on it. Now they want to recertify. They want it back. All Vice-President Pence has to do is send it back to the States to recertify, and we become president, and you are the happiest people.”

“We’re gathered together in the heart of our nation’s Capitol for one very, very basic and simple reason, to save our democracy. Most candidates on election evening, and of course this thing goes on so long, they still don’t have any idea what the votes are. We still have congressional seats under review. They have no idea. They’ve totally lost control. They’ve used the pandemic as a way of defrauding the people in a proper election. But when you see this and when you see what’s happening, number one, they all say, “Sir, we’ll never let it happen again.” I said, “That’s good, but what about eight weeks ago?” They try and get you to go. They say, “Sir, in four years, you’re guaranteed.” I said, “I’m not interested right now. Do me a favor, go back eight weeks. I want to go back eight weeks. Let’s go back eight week.” We want to go back, and we want to get this right because we’re going to have somebody in there that should not be in there and our country will be destroyed, and we’re not going to stand for that.”

These were just a few selections from a speech that was given by President Donald Trump at the “Save America” rally on January 6th. You can read the entire transcript of Trump here but lets break down some sections from what I chose here for a second and keep in mind, no matter your opinion of him, this is the current United States President.

“Today I will lay out just some of the evidence proving that we won this election, and we won it by a landslide.”

The President is claiming this election was rigged. He then goes on to lay out evidence and examples throughout his speech demonstrating over and over how this election was rigged. I again would like to take a moment to remind everyone, this is the President of the United States. People are acting like you shouldn’t listen to him as if he’s just a crazy conspiracy theorist.

Now, I might make a claim that this election was rigged and I could see why you might disregard me beings I don’t have access to daily national security briefings and the nations intelligence agencies at my disposal. But, these words are coming out of the mouth of the man in the ultimate seat of world power currently. I feel that is noteworthy and I am preserving this for historical purposes here on the site because this is a moment in history we will not soon forget.

“We’re gathered together in the heart of our nation’s Capitol for one very, very basic and simple reason, to save our democracy.”

Again for the slow kids in the back, this is the United States President. The commander in chief of the land of the free and home of the brave. The supposed model for democracy for the rest of the world. The President of the United States of America is telling you in plain words that Americans have lost their democracy. He is not mincing words here, he is plainly saying this election was rigged and our democracy was undermined. This should matter to everyone and at the very least we need to stop everything right now, redo the election completely, and have a full and complete investigation into what really took place during this election.

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