Remove Consent

We are judged as a group not as individuals and that is how we must look at this situation we are in. It does not matter at all that you personally do not consent to what is happening if it appears that as a society we do. We must remove our societal consent from what is taking place and we do that by becoming the vocal and united group that we must become in order to reverse the course that we are heading towards.

We must stop being silent, stop being polite, start pointing out the absurdity around us, and take our roles as leaders in our communities to put a stop to this madness. This is the job of the informed, not of a hero, not of anyone else. We must put aside our differences and unite on the big picture problems staring us in the face. The alternative is unacceptable so stop being jaded and refuse to be defeated, we have the numbers and we can prevail.

But we must remove our consent to this and right now. That does not mean just on social media either it means in your everyday life. Defy the madness, rebel against it and inform others as to why you are resisting. Open your business, breathe the air, gather together and speak the truth loudly and proudly. We’ve been polite long enough and just look where that has gotten us.

This ends now and we end it.

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