Censorship Has Been Corporatized

The creator of this cartoon got his account suspended

This cartoon illustrates quite well our current situation and that is probably why it was so important to shut down the artist who created it. You’re not allowed to discuss the influence of China and big tech on information. You can’t point out that free speech is being eliminated by way of corporate censorship. They have purchased all information as well as the avenues for sharing it out and as a result control it completely.

This cartoon is truth but lets say for just a second that it isn’t it should be allowed to exist either way. The artist has a right to express himself and a right to be heard. We have freedom of speech in this country or we at least do on paper so until that’s no longer true anytime I see censorship I will always fight against it. It is not popular speech that needs protected, it’s unpopular speech that the 1st amendment was written to protect.

I do not consent to living in a world in which we are not free to express ourselves. A world in which our voices have been restrained and in some cases eliminated entirely in order to create safe spaces for the brainwashed masses. This is not OK, and hiding behind corporations in order to pull off acts of censorship that the government themselves could never do on their own is what is happening here.

When a monopoly exists on information, and it does, you can no longer use the “but they are private corporations” argument to defend censorship on these platforms. They have become public utilities at this point and should be treated as such. This didn’t happen by accident either, it is very much by design, and the powers that be that own the government’s of the world and the corporations built it all this way to bypass our pesky rights and accomplish their goal of completely silencing dissent of any kind.

You have got to follow this to its logical conclusion and when you do you find that what we are allowing here is the creation of a world where all that exists is one narrative, one viewpoint, and any others are silenced so that that single view is never questioned. Think of how dangerous that could potentially be and realize how much power we are placing into the hands of six corporations. Information and knowledge are power, the elite have known this for centuries. If you control information you control the people and they want complete and total control and this must not happen.

It is far too dangerous to live in a world where you cannot question anything or be allowed to think for yourself. This is the world we are allowing them to construct for us and at a rapid pace. This censorship must stop and the corporate defenders will cry, “just leave social media” out of ignorance failing to realize with most of commerce now online the entire economy depends on the traffic happening on these platforms to survive. We can’t just leave and we shouldn’t have to, these giants who have been allowed to purchase information itself need to be made into the public utilities that they are and access needs to be protected by our right to free speech and expression.

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