1984 Is Coming In Hot

“War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.”
― George Orwell, 1984

Truth is now hate speech and deception rules the land. Anyone speaking out against it is silenced and their voices are eliminated including the President of the United States. No one is safe from this attack on our freedom and individual sovereignty. We are at a crossroads in history at this very moment, a choice is before us, 1984 or 1776. And 1984 is coming in hot.

This is not the time to complain it is the time to act before it is too late. We must remove our consent from this beast system and eliminate their hold over us as a society. The only way that we can do that is to rise above the deception and division and unite as one and we must do this right now. This is the alarm being sounded and if you fail to head it I’m afraid that we are all doomed. We are well into their end game and it is time we go on the offensive.

There is no hero coming to save us and its time that we realize it is us we are waiting for. We must take on our roles as leaders in our communities. We must teach and inform all who will listen. We must lead those we can awaken and help them realize they are in a silent war and show them how to fight back. We are the generals on the front lines. We must accept that role. If we don’t we will find ourselves in Orwell’s dystopian nightmare very soon and we’ll have no one but ourselves to blame.

This means defiance. We must disobey. Disrupt this system at every opportunity and inform others as to why you are resisting. It must no longer be comfortable to support this fascist agenda. We must bring this system to its knees and we do that by removing our societal consent. We get loud, we make it known that we will not allow our freedoms to be eroded any further. We demand our sovereignty be respected and our liberty restored.

At this point to not do this is consent to it. This is not OK and anyone accepting it is a fool who is blind to the writing on the wall and therefore is responsible for it as well. They need to be made uncomfortable for that fact. It must no longer be acceptable to assist in the holding back of society. These people must be silenced and exposed. These are the ones who will fight to keep this slave system in place and we must silence their voices and bring shame to them.

Remember we don’t need everyone. It only takes about 3% of a population standing united to pull off a revolution and we have those numbers and change if we’d just unite. Please put aside your petty differences and realize that we have common enemies. Yes, we may disagree on this or that but our enemies use those disagreements to keep us too weak to affect change. Let’s eliminate the evil cabal that lords over us and then squabble about the little things.

This can happen just by us realizing our role and moving forward united in spirit because, and we know this as well, they will cut us off from each other and soon. Our communication lines will be cut, they are already doing it. But we have the information and we know the path forward so even in the coming darkness stay united in spirit and lead the others that can be lead but leave the dead to bury the dead. Don’t let those that can’t be saved drag down the rest of us any longer.

1984 may be coming in with a vengeance but if we own our role 1776 will prevail. I know what my choice is, what’s yours?

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